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Simulated Process True CMYK Process Index Color Spot Color Seps
Grayscale Seps Custom Color Channels Auto Reduce Colors Fix Low-Res Images
Convert To Line Art Custom Distress Image Generate Proof Print Without A RIP
Preview Halftones Auto Color Enhance Generate Fleshtones Instructional Video
Add Register Marks Multiple Installs OK! Not Locked To 1 System Runs On PC & Mac!

QuikSeps Professional is sold, supported and maintained by the actual person that
developed the program who knows both it AND Photoshop inside-out.
When you call or email, Steve himself will respond to your inquiry or issue.

Incredible Simulated Process Color

QuikSeps Professional allows the screenprinter to create stunning simulated process separations with the use of limited screens. Believe-it-or-not, the image here can be effectively printed using only 4 colors while adding a few additional colors generates jaw dropping results.
Easy To Print CMYK Process Color

A totally new CMYK process color sequence takes all the guesswork and adjustments out of process printing. Just separate and go to press! An added dark highlight option helps mute difficult images if needed. QuikSeps Professional brings life to an old and "feared" printing process.
Automated Or Custom Index Seps

Let QuikSeps Professional run completely automated index separations in 4 to 8 colors or choose to select your own custom colors. Highly accurate and easy to print, we've taken the mystery out of indexing. The image here can be printed using 4 colors on lights and 5 or 6 (max) on black including 2 whites!
Basic Spot Color Separations

You asked for it, we listened. Bring any vector-style graphic into Photoshop and easily generate accurate press friendly hard spot colors. Stop struggling with those nasty clipart images within Illustrator and Corel and separate within Photoshop easily. Underbase and auto-trapping is also a snap.
Super Cool Grayscale Separations

Turn any color or grayscale image into fabulous grayscale separations. This is one of our favorites and by far surpasses any other method available to generate such a file. Once you try it, you'll be hooked too. Fun, easy to print and a great companion to our custom distress filters.
The Miracle Of QuikDraw!

Want to convert a photo or continuous-tone image into pure black and white line art? Well, nothing works better than QuikDraw....nothing! Containing 3 different techniques you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. Great for so many things especially printing complex images using only 1 screen.
Low Resolution Image Enhance

How many times have you received a jpeg or image that just wasn't quite good enough? How many times have you tried to increase the resolution and wound up frustrated? Well, our low-resolution enhance filter works as well (if not better) than some stand alone products costing hundreds of dollars.
The Ultimate Distress Filter

Distress images using 10 different distress filters. Once applied they can be intensified, faded, adjusted, turned on / off, deleted or just about anything imaginable. Plus add to your library of effects easily by running QuikDraw on just about any texture file. Simply amazing, easy and fun to use.
No RIP? No Problem

We've included functions to output films from 25 to 55 LPI at the correct angle and dot shape without using a RIP. This is great for printers on a budget or for those needing to use a printer that may not be supported by your RIP software. Any inkjet or laser lacking a RIP or Postscript can now output halftones.
Auto & Custom Flesh-Earthtones

The image here contains 3 fleshtones and black. QuikSeps Professional contains both completely automated and user-defined sequences to pull accurate and smooth flesh and earthtone channels which surpass other methods. Now pulling those difficult colors is easy!
Add Some Pop To Your Images

Dig out hidden detail and color you never thought was there and make the most of your separations by starting with bright, colorful images. QuikSeps Professional contains several scripted functions which take much of the guesswork out of color enhancement. Great for beginners and pros too!
Output Color Proof

Just printing out the original RGB image tells you nothing of how the image may perform on press. QuikSeps Professional generates an RGB file from the separation itself to output on any color inkjet for proofing. Some people add a little fluff to this process and charge hundreds for it alone. Go figure?
Add Custom Register Marks

Tired of those lousy Photoshop register marks? We now include the ultimate method to apply accurate register marks in 8 different sizes automatically to the art! Its so good we sell this as a standalone product although is included FREE with your copy of QuikSeps Professional!
Preview Halftones On Screen

Although difficult to show accurately here, following the conversion to a color proof QuikSeps Professional allows the user to view the proof as a halftone simulation on screen.
2 Hour Video Included!

Learn to use QuikSeps Professional with Steve himself as he covers everything from beginning to end. We go over all aspects of the program along with tips and techniques not found within the manual. Gain confidence and knowledge not found within any magazine article. Great for beginners and advanced users.
Save Time - Make Money

Adding QuikSeps Professional to your art department saves you both time and money as it greatly enhances your speed, scope and ability to get quality work done quickly. And depending on the number of users or installs, our product can cost thousands less when compared to others which offer considerably less value and performance.

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